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Founded in 1926 in the North East of England, Our Chemical partner is an independent chemical manufacturing company with a global network of distributors. With offices and warehousing in the UK, USA and China, they service the domestic and international markets and export to over 80 countries worldwide. We focus on Anti-Oxidant Applications, Inks & Coating manufacturing, Leather Fungicides, Personal and Household Care, Tyre and Rubber Additives.

We are trusted by the most comprehensive Bangladeshi hand washing liquid and soap to protect against COVID-19.

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An agents for the rubber processing and polymer industries. The Casabond™ range includes rubber bonding agents used in high performance metal-to-rubber and textile-to-rubber applications. Products include resorcinol/stearic acid blends for use by compounders, reactive isocyanates for use in solvent adhesives and phenolic condensates.

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Casacide™ Biocidal Actives

Products that are used extensively in a wide range of anti-microbial, disinfectant and detergent applications marketed outside of the European Union.

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Casacide™ TCMTB

Used for fungicidal growth in industrial applications including leather tanneries. The Casacide range of TCMTB products offers exceptional and robust anti-fungal performance at low loadings and is 100% BPR compliant.

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Casamed™ PCMX

It is a highly-effective, versatile active ingredient, used commonly in a wide range antiseptic formulations as well as in solid, and liquid, medicinal soaps globally. Casamed™ PCMX is manufactured to meet high-quality specifications, including BP or USP monographs, and can be supplied in a variety of standard, or tailor-made, packaging options.The only chloroxylenol API to have received rigorous FDA, USP and GMP accreditations, giving customers complete confidence in quality and regulatory compliance.

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Casamid® Polyamide Resins

Used for floxible packaging inks and adhesives. It has good water-resistance and high melting-point with enhanced anti-blocking. Improved speed-of-drying.

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Casamid® Powder Coating Additives

Used for Interior Coatings and Exterior Coatings.It has Accelerated carboxylic acid. Particle sizes are Minimum 95% and passes 75 µm. Superior flow, smooth finish, Good gloss stability,Textured finish with CAB.

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Casamine® OTB

A very effective anti-oxidant for soaps, inhibiting rancidity and discolouration without having any adverse effect on odour or appearance of the finished product.It is recommended for use at very low concentrations of 0.04 – 0.1%, so the additional overall cost of the soap is extremely low.

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Additives for the synthetic rubber industry to enable the production of ultra-high performance polymers with enhanced functional properties, facilitating improvement in high performance and green tyre tread compounds. Other grades are Casamod™ 450 for polymers and Casamod™ 550 for tyres.

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A thickening agent for latex compounds. It is recommended particularly where a moderate increase in viscosity is required, for example in dipping compounds and adhesives.

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A non-reactive polyurethane solution, designed for use with nitrocellulose in flexo or gravure packaging inks. Inks made using Casathane® 920 offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of flexible films, coupled with high resistance to blocking, heat, water and grease.Casathane® 922 offers good reducibility with alcohols and is completely soluble in esters. Inks produced using Casathane® 922 exhibit low odour and produce hard films.

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Casathix™ Polyamide Resins

Casathix™ 1898 and Casathix™ 2092 - Both used to impart structure into alkyd resins. A level of 5 to 7% by weight on the base resin would normally be used with a reaction time of 2 to 3 hrs at 200 to 230°C.Compared with Casathix™ 1898, modified alkyd resins produced using Casathix™ 2092 give softer, more flexible coatings.

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Developed for a range of viscosity-reduction additives for the rubber processing and polymer industries, providing time, energy, cost and environmental benefits. Pepton® chemical peptisers catalyse the mastication of rubber, providing time, energy, cost and environmental benefits.Each grade having different concentrations of the active ingredient combined with a range of complementary proprietary additives that enhance peptising performance.

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Elicarb® Graphene

A versatile range of high quality graphene products from a reliable supply partner. We are the world leader in the supply of carbon nanomaterials which is underpinned by our position as an independent, international, performance and fine chemicals supplier.

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2D boron nitride platelets are manufactured by Direct Liquid Exfoliation of high purity h-boron nitride. This is a proprietary process which produces well- controlled, high aspect ratio platelets without utilising aggressive chemistries such as acids or oxidising agents.

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The EliSolve design solution allows you to choose 5 variants from our range of Graphene 2D products, enabling you to effectively evaluate different chemical and physical characteristics.Options include our Multi-Layer Graphene (MLG) and Graphene Nanoplatelet (GNP) products in various forms, from dispersions, powders to formulations, functionalised solutions and Masterbatches in various matrices.EliSolve will provide you with multiple options to begin your graphene or 2D material design project. Working with our material scientists we will support you in your development, through to production.

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Ethyl Acetate, Iso Butyl Benzene, Acetyl Chloride and Mono Chloro Acetic Acid

These are Speciality Chemicals from India
The Speciality Chemicals division produces Ethyl Acetate from organic alcohol for use in a variety of end products in markets, including flexible packaging, pharmaceuticals, textiles, food processing, pesticides and paint industries.

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Isopropyl Alcohol

CAS Number: 67-63-0
IPA is a colorless, flammable chemical compound/liquid with a strong odor and bitter taste. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says alcohol-based hand sanitizers must contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective and is readily absorbed through the skin,
Packaging: Bulk,Drums, IBC, Jerrycan, Tin
Origin: Mitsui Chemicals Inc. Japan (Shipment to Bangladesh from Singapore)

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CAS Number: 110-54-3
Our Hexane with it’s purity of 63% is certainly a high grade material, in fact being used often in polymerization and oil extraction. We have also checked with various of our customers in Bangladesh who are dealing with oil extraction, it’s confirmed that the yield is higher despite the high costs. In a 24,000L Isotank we can fill up to 15MT (+/- 5%) per Isotank. 1 FCL load up to 80 Drums, ie. 11.20MT per FCL.
Product Origin: South Korea
Port of Loading: Singapore